Brew Cube

Modular Design

The Brew Cubes started as a side project for the engineering team. We needed a modular system for testing and prototyping a variety of homebrew equipment configurations without fabricating custom brew stands for each build. They quickly gained popularity internally for their modularity and flexibility.

The Brew Cubes are designed to grow alongside the brewer's equipment needs and skill level; there's really no right or wrong way to build a brewery, and that's where the modular design of the Brew Cubes shines.

The core of the Brew Cube is the base kit. From there, any variety of shelves and accessories can be added on. We'll have many of the core accessories available immediately, but we view this as a long term platform and intend to introduce thoughtful additions to the product line over the coming months and years.


Unlimited Flexibility

From stands and carts to parts racks and shelves, flexibility is at the heart of the Brew Cube's design. Every brewer and brewery has different needs, that's why there's no right or wrong way to use Brew Cubes. Designed to bolt together, it's easy to string three or more cubes next to each other, or add optional shelving, leg extensions, and peg walls for near-endless customization.


Pro Inspiration for the Home Brewer

When designing the perfect homebrew rig, we took inspiration from some of the best and most sought after pro features our team has been engineering into our larger brewhouses. From the dual pump architecture to the newly patented valve tree, Brew Cubes can unlock the full potential of your Ss Brewtech equipment.