Our Unitanks are fermenters you can ferment, carbonate and serve your beer from. They are pressure rated and offers a lot of functionality.

  • Pressure controlled fermentation using a spunding valve.

  • Dry hopping with minimal exposure to oxygen.

  • Forced carbonation.

  • Closed transfer to keg or bottle.

  • Use it as a serving tank.

In addition, they offer the more traditional features like:

  • Yeast harvesting from bottom or top.

  • Temperature control using a glycol chiller.

In addition to this, our unitanks offer:

  • Built in cooling jacket for easy cleaning and efficient cooling.

  • TC 2" Heating element port (accessory) for high temperature fermentation.

  • Additional TC ports for accessories.

  • PureBlast™ surface inside and out for easier cleaning, lower risk of hidden micro-pore contamination and no need for passivation.

Several of the listed functions of our Unitanks will require accessories that are not included as standard. Please see separate section on what is included.



Our Unitank series currently consists of 6 models based on the same design principles, but with different capacities. The name of the tanks reflects the tanks gross volume in liters. All Unitanks feature the same ports and and functions. The two smaller fermenters (F40 & F80) have a 8" to 3" adapter on the top, and the larger tanks have a 8" to 4" adapter.


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Check out the specifications for more details.


This is included as standard

  • 1 pcs Analog pressure gauge, TC34mm

  • 1 pcs TC34mm safety valve (PRV, 2 bar)

  • 1 pcs TC pipe holder for Blow-off pipe incl. bolt M6x30mm and silicone grommet

  • 1 pcs Blow-off pipe

  • 1 pcs Butterfly-valve, 34mm DN20

  • 2 pcs Butterfly-valve, 2"

  • 1 pcs Racking arm 2"

  • 1 pcs TC elbow 90°, 2"

  • 1 pcs Insulation jacket, black neoprene

  • 1 pcs Sample valve, 34mm

  • 1 pcs TC Adapter 8"- 4" *(F40 and F80 comes with 8" - 3" adapter)

  • 1 pcs TC blind cap, 4" *(F40 and F80 comes with 3" blind cap)

  • 1 pcs TC blind cap 2"

  • 2 pcs TC blind cap 1.5"

  • 3 pcs TC blind cap 34mm

  • 2 pcs TC gasket 8" lipped

  • 2 pcs TC gasket 4" *(F40 and F80 comes with 3" gasket)

  • 2 pcs TC gasket 2" 5-pack

  • 1 pcs TC gasket 1.5" 5-pack

  • 3 pcs TC gasket 34mm 5-pack

  • 1 pcs Tri Clamp 8"

  • 1 pcs Tri Clamp 4" *(F40 and F80 comes with 3" clamp)

  • 5 pcs Tri Clamp 2"

  • 2 pcs Tri Clamp 1.5"

  • 10 pcs Tri Clamp 34mm (DN20)

  • 1 pcs Safety instruction with link to our online user manual

  • 8 pcs Bolts for mounting the legs

  • 4 pcs M10 steel/rubber feet

  • 1 pcs Tool for tightening TC clamps

  • 1 pcs Brewtools multi tool


Accessories (sold separately)

Consider the following accessories before placing your order:

  • Thermowell, if you plan to use it with a glycol chiller (Choose TC34mm if you want it in front or 1.5" if you want it on the right side. Both come in different lengths.

  • Ball Lock adapter to add CO2 for purging, force carbonation or closed transfer to kegs.

  • Carb stone kit for forced carbonation.

  • Coil for sample valve for getting samples with less foam.

  • 3" (F40 & F80) or 4" (F100 ->) HopDrop kit.

  • TC 34 Analog temperature gauge.

  • Spunding valve for pressure control.

  • Hose barb and silicone hose for filling, dumping and blow-off tube

  • TC 2" sight glass.

  • CIP ball with 4" or 3" CIP adapter.

  • Desired fittings for cooling jacket (if using glycol chiller).


Glycol chiller compatibility

It is possible to use several of the glycol coolers that are already on the market today. There are some differences that you must be aware of. We can mainly divide into two categories.

  • Glycol coolers where a submersible pump is used for each fermentation tank. This principle is used by SS Brewtech and Quantor/Kreyer Minichilly.

  • Glycol coolers with a built-in pump and solenoid valves that control the circulation to each individual tank. This principle by Grainfather.

To use the SS Brewtech glycol cooler together with our Unitanks, you can use the normal SS Brewtech FTSS package. The temperature sensor fits well in our thermowells (sold separately). For cooling liquid It is recommended to use our TC34mm for 10mm hose connection. These fit the original SS Brewtech cooling hoses.