The Trubinator is a device that is placed at the bottom of the brewing system at the end of the boil process. When cooling starts, a whirlpool is generated. This makes the hops and proteins (trub) draw towards the center. When the cooling is finished and the wort is transferred to the fermenter, the whirlpool will slow down and the trub collected inside the Trubinator.

The Trubinator has a silicone part at the bottom that protects the bottom of the kettle as well as forming a seal to keep the trub inside. The silicone part has a built in guide to help center it in the kettle.

The filter is made from expanded metal in R2x5 size. One single M6 bolt with a wingnut holds it all in place and makes the cleaning quick and simple.

The Trubinator comes in three different sizes. The diameters are identical to the malt pipes of the brewing systems. Small has the same size as B40pro malt pipe, Medium as B80pro, and Large as B150pro. You can use a smaller model than your brewing system malt pipe size if you don't brew hop-heave beers.


Sizes and capacity

  • S (Small) (Ø320) - (7.2 liter)

  • M (Medium) (Ø420) - (12.4 liter)

  • L (Large) (Ø500) - (17.6 liter)


Product specifications

  • Height: 90mm

  • Material: SS304

  • Surface teatment: Electropolished

  • Filter: R2x5