Brewtools Counterflow Cooler

The counterflow cooler is made with high quality steel pipes, and has a design that does not reduce flow too much. The wort can be pumped throught the counterflow cooler and back into the kettle via the dip tube to create a whirlpool. The whirlpool will draw particles towards the center of the tank and reduce trub (hops and proteins) transferred to fermenter.


Using the Counterflow Cooler:

In preparation for cooling, it is important that boiling wort is circulated through the cooler to ensure that the cooler's inner tube is sanitized.

Switch off heating elements before cooling starts. Set the bottom valve so that the liquid is pumped out and through the cooler. Follow the liquid flow to make sure that all valves are in the correct position before starting the pump. It is recommended to run the pump at full power (100%) in the beginning and slow down before the end to allow the trub to settle.

Select the return temperature display on the screen if you opted for this accessory. This way you can keep an eye on the temperature of the returning wort. Also monitor the tank temperature.

If you're doing a hop stand, the pump is stopped manually based on the tank temperature. Set the timer manually based on how long the hopstand should last, if not already set in recipe mode.

When the desired pitching temperature is reached (based on return sensor), change the flow direction after the cooler so that the wort goes to the fermenter and not back into the kettle.

Remember to connect the cooling water opposite direction of the wort flow.


Product specification

  • Length: 5.2m

  • Inner pipe: 14.3mm

  • Outer pipe: 22mm

  • Fittings: 4x TC34mm

  • Material: SS304

  • Surface teatment: Electropolished

  • Box size: Height 22cm, Length 41cm, width 45cm

  • Weight: 5.5 Kg